Inspire the Audience

You have tak­en a very brave step to share your expe­ri­ences, exper­tise and work with an audi­ence of sev­er­al hun­dred peo­ple at BeOnline. Cur­rent­ly, many researchers are strug­gling to take their behav­iour­al research online. Del­e­gates will be par­tic­u­lar­ly inter­est­ed in how your took lab research online:

The hur­dles and chal­lenges that you faced, and how you over came them.

The exper­i­ments you ran to devel­op a pro­to­col that works and deliv­ers high qual­i­ty data.

It’s espe­cial­ly good if you have a slide of top tips for suc­cess­ful online research.

How to be seen and heard at BeOnline

Your con­tent is sure­ly out­stand­ing, but giv­ing a pre­sen­ta­tion online comes with it’s own set of chal­lenges. How­ev­er, we are here to help you be seen and heard the best way pos­si­ble — all with the equip­ment you (prob­a­bly) already have at home. Here are our best tips:

Lock your­self in a qui­et room

Although very fun­ny, there’s only a few things more dis­tress­ing than peo­ple storm­ing into your room while you are pre­sent­ing in front of a audi­ence of hun­dreds. Inform the mem­bers of your house­hold of your big day and ask them to keep it down.

Use the best micro­phone avaible to you

Your lap­top or desk­top com­put­er prob­a­bly has a web­cam and a micro­phone built-in. While the web­cam might deliv­er good results, the micro­phones usu­al­ly fall flat. Wired head­phones (or even Air­Pods) enhance your sound qual­i­ty by being of high­er pro­duc­tion qual­i­ty and clos­er to your mouth. If you have a ded­i­cat­ed exter­nal USB micro­phone — like a Blue Yeti or Sam­son Q2U — lying around the house, feel free to test which device gives you the bet­ter sound quality.

Use head­phones in discussions

Micro­phones have a bad ten­den­cy to pick up sound — what a sur­prise! Jokes aside, you don’t want your micro­phone to pick up what your speak­ers are play­ing, for exam­ple what your co-pre­sen­ter or some­one ask­ing a ques­tion just said. Easy fix: Use headphones.

Fill your face with light

Front-fac­ing nat­ur­al light is the best. If that isn’t pos­si­ble, two desk lamps can help to even­ly light your face and accen­tu­ate features.

Avoid low angles

A built-in lap­top web­cam will stream most­ly your chin and nos­trils, not your face. Use an exter­nal cam­era or move your lap­top cam­era high­er by prop­ping up your com­put­er with a cou­ple of books. You want to bring the cam­era to eye-lev­el or higher.

Of course, if you are already look­ing into upgrad­ing your gear, then our friend­ly Goril­la Presents host Josh can share his equip­ment list with you. Feel free to reach out on Twitter!

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